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About Steve

Steve Fisher is the author of Amazon #1 Best Seller, Residual Millionaire. He is in the top 1% of network marketing and has built a team that is approaching 100,000 strong. As a former Chief Sales Officer of a network marketing company and former Board Member of the Direct Selling Association, he understands the industry inside and out and has the experience and knowledge to help you succeed. Steve works directly with his team and teaches people how to build residual income through network marketing and how to invest that in real estate and other residual income generating businesses.

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Jonathan Evans

Dallas Cowboys Team Chaplain

"Steve Fisher knows what it takes to be successful. He is not only a Residual Millionaire, he is a Residual Millionaire maker! He leads by example. He will teach you how to create passive, residual income while at the same time serves as a light on the path to true success.”

Tim Cole

Colonel, United States Marine Corp (Retired)

“Steve Fisher is a true servant leader that has remained humble in the midst of success.He's a rare man of integrity, true to his word and his commitments. He's passionate about teaching people how to build residual income so they can live better lives! Steve's a leader of fewer words, rather than a rock-star seeking the spotlight... When he speaks, people lean in to listen.People are attracted to him because of the life he leads, they see/feel a man they would like to emulate, spend time with, model their life walk by... Steve Fisher is a courageous leader among leaders - and a dear friend!

Wendell Campbell

Department of Justice, Public Information Officer (Retired)

Wow! I have had the honor of seeing Steve Fisher live on stage speaking and having a positive impact on thousands. He is a leader's leader and has an incredible ability to help others believe in themselves, create success, and become Residual Millionaires! Now, Steve has taken his energy from the speaking stage and put it right into his book, Residual Millionaire. This is a must read for anyone who desires to get more out of life."